Polisi Tangkap Pembobol Rekening Asal Palembang Yang Kuras Uang Warga Bengkulu Senilai Rp 500 Juta

Bengkulu – The Opsnal Team of Police Resmob Macan Gading Sat Reskrim Bengkulu has found broken accounts worth more than half a billion rupees.

There were two of the arrested offenders, IN (63) and DE (40), both residents of Palembang City, South Sumatra Regency.

In apprehending the perpetrators, the Bengkulu Police Operations Team was assisted by the Palembang Police Operations Team.

The arrest of the perpetrators of the account breach was based on a report from a resident of Teluk Segara District, Bengkulu City, on August 21, 2022.

From the victim’s statement, the contents of his account were transferred by another person, who discovered it after SMS banking from the respective bank.

From the contents of the SMS banking messages from the bank, it was noted that the account number had transferred a sum of money 6 times to different account numbers.

In the six transfers, the total money transferred in the victim’s account was IDR 545,000,000.

Although the victim did not transfer this amount of money to anyone.

“On this basis, the victim reported the incident to the Bengkulu Police,” said the Head of Bengkulu Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Welliwanto Malau, on Wednesday (11/16/2022).

After receiving the report, the police immediately opened an investigation into the case.

Then on November 12, 2022, the police managed to find out the whereabouts of the perpetrator, who was discovered in Palembang City, South Sumatra Province.

Moreover, in collaboration with Polrestabes Palembang Police, the police finally secured two of the perpetrators.

The perpetrator was taken to Palembang Bolrestapes for interrogation, but was immediately taken to Bengkulu Police.

“We have brought the perpetrators to the Bengkulu police for further examination and development efforts,” Malao said.

There are many pieces of evidence secured in connection with this case including 1 ID card, bank account printout, 4 savings books, 2 ATMs and 2 passbook machines.

This article was published under the title Breaking News: Bengkulu Residents Haul IDR 500 Million, Palembang Thieves Arrested

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